About Us


Skip the meal. Not the nutrients.

you shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition on busy days. mēle is our go-to solution when we’re traveling, running out the door, in between meetings, and for pre/post workouts. if you’re skipping meals, sick of junk or too tired to cook, pour yourself a mēle. 


Freeze-dried for max benefits.

drying foods has been around for centuries—and there’s a good reason. it’s the best way to keep food safe and shelf-stable while maintaining the best flavor. unlike premade drinks, we’ve completely avoided using preservatives so you get the food’s original nutrient-dense content.


Follow your gut.

studies on gut-health show that there’s an inherent connection between what we eat and how we think and feel. backed by science, we developed mēle with mineral-rich plants and vitamin-packed ingredients to optimize digestion, increase focus, and boost energy.


mēle is leading the wellness revolution with the philosophy that food is inherently connected to both our body and our mind. our vision is simple: food should empower us.



 Our Founder Story

the problem was simple: skipped meals and poor snacking with not nearly enough time in the day. the products out there were not: loaded in artificial ingredients, added sugar, and lacking in the proper nutrients.

we believe that food is inherently connected to how we feel and think. just because we are busy doesn't mean we should sacrifice on nutrition or taste.

fueled by our own needs, we sourced the best, nutrient-dense ingredients and created mēle, a complete (meal) that's delicious, filling and easy for you to make.


 Giving Back

we rise by lifting others. some 795 million people in the world lack access to nutritious meals and struggle to put food on the table. as a food business, we feel that it is our absolute responsibility to do our part in giving back. we believe in the power of paying it forward, which is why we donate a portion of all profits to feed the hungry.

good karma and good food.

we've partnered with the Food Bank for NYC to make a difference for those in need. each year, they provide 59 million free meals, as well as offer nutrition education programs and income support services for 50,000 new yorkers.

for every $1 donated, 5 meals are provided.