we’re mēle, a company with a simple vision: food should empower us.


our story begins with our founders: NYC-based couple, lauren and adam. like most of us, they were active and health-conscious—and very, very busy! often rushing to the office after an early workout, a coffee and bagel was the go-to for lauren. unpredictable hours as a lawyer led to late-night-delivery at the desk for adam. it wasn’t uncommon for both of them to skip meals altogether. these seemingly minor eating habits led to energy crashes, exhaustion, and even health issues.  

tired of boring protein shakes and bars, they were determined to find a solution, but all the products on the market fell short—loaded with artificial ingredients, added sugars, or words they couldn’t pronounce. so, lauren and adam took matters into their own hands.

after countless months of researching, testing, and sourcing the best ingredients, they developed a new concept—one that’s fully balanced, easy to make, and tastes delicious.

fast forward to today. 

mēle is leading the wellness revolution with the philosophy that food is inherently connected to both our body and our mind.  we’re passionate about enabling everyone to live a life that is happy, honest, and wholesome!





happiness is what life is all about. we strive to live and breathe it every day… and we want our community (you!) to live a life filled with happiness, too.
we created our products with the belief that wholesome food IS medicine. moral & physical well-being are at the core of everything we do.
we embrace authenticity - from running a trustworthy business to educating you on our ingredients. honesty means a clear vision and clean labels.