Official Sponsor for #FitWithBAE Monthly Events

It's about pushing your limits and gaining strength in a positive atmosphere. It's about meeting new people and encouraging each other to be better. It's not about competition or who can do more push-ups—it's about solidarity and positivity. It's not about a certain shape or size—it's about a certain FEELING! Yes, you can sit with us! We want to provide you with a place where you will both sweat and smile. We want to introduce you to brands and products that will go hand in hand with your journey through health and fitness. We will hug you, we will dance with you, and we will smile with you! Because wholeheartedly, THAT'S what we believe in!
cirio collective partner

Official Sponsor for 2017 Summer Season

Cirio Collective's inaugural season was born out of a vision that both Jeffrey and Lia had to bring dancers and other artists together to create and collaborate. Their vision is to bring dancers, choreographers, and other artists together to explore and develop new works without boundaries and without fear. They aim to inspire others, their art form, and themselves by reaching outside of the box with no inhibitions.